• 6.0 – 8.0 tonnes capacity
  • Electric Motor
  • Ideal for Stacking

For any forklift hire challenge this is one of the smart choices. You’ll benefit from the twin- drive design with high performance Linde AC technology. There’s also an automatic parking brake, compact drive axle and maintenance-free oil-bath vane brake. Ease of routine servicing starts with simple access to oil filter and oil level gauge and fast accessible windscreen washer system and coolant reservoirs.

  • Seamless, rapid reversing without repositioning the feet
  • Short pedal travel
  • Fatigue-free working
  • Increased throughput and performance
  • Precise and effortless fingertip joystick control of all mast functions
  • Small tactile joystick integrated in an adjustable armrest
  • Two powerful AC drive motors integrated in the front axle
  • Accurate battery condition indicator
  • Simple horizontal battery changing
  • Active steering support through dual motor drive
  • Ergonomic design for efficient, fatigue-free working
  • Spacious operator’s compartment with floor plate area and adjustable seat
  • Reduced vibrations due to the innovative concept of decoupling the driver‘s cab
  • Excellent view of load and surroundings
  • Safe and highly efficient load handling
  • Maximum load capacity up to the highest lifting heights
  • Enormous residual capacities
  • Optimised energy consumption

This large Linde E-truck forklift hire option has a high performance traction system. For the highest level of productivity on heavy loads two powerful motors, maintenance-free brakes and an intelligent electronic control form an impressive power pack. The sensitive control and the maximum speed of 16 km/h with and without load ensure a high handling rate.

Looking for a forklift hire option that can handle loads up to 8 tonnes with safety as top priority? The overhead guard forms a strong and completely enclosed protective zone providing optimum structural integrity, safety and protection to the operator. The unique mast design with its slim profiles enables outstanding visibility and safety on load handling.

The adjustability of the armrest and seat, Linde Load Control, twin accelerator pedals and the innovative decoupling of the driver‘s cab provide an exceptional interface between truck and operator, allowing efficient work for extended periods.

The unique Linde energy management system ensures intelligent and economical consumption of energy in keeping with Linde forklifts’ reputation as effective in operation and efficient in reducing costs. A display showing the remaining driving time indicates the expected number of minutes the operator can be driving the forklift truck before changing or recharging the battery.

An electric forklift truck depends on reliable electronic systems. The Linde electronic control system provides a high level of reliability because of its dual circuit monitoring system and the sealed aluminium housing which provides total protection for the electronics from the ingress of dust and moisture. With the aid of the diagnosis tool the vehicle is rapidly programmable for individual needs, making it ideal in the forklift hire environment.

Whether you’re looking for a brand new forklift, a certified pre-owned used forklift or short-term and long-term forklift hire, Linde Material Handling Singapore has everything you need – all under the one roof.

Linde Series 1279 E60-E80 Electric Forklift

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