SERIES 1133-03

MT16, MT20


  • 1.6 - 2.0 tonnes capacity
  • Electric Motor
  • Ideal for Transporting

  • Standard built-in charger makes operation more convenient, External charger (option) and fast change battery box design to meet different shift work requirements.
  • Standard large capacity li-ion battery without daily maintenance, allowing for 2h fast and opportunity charger, better applicability.
  • Multiple braking modes, Highly efficient electromagnetic brake. Automatic braking on releasing traction butterfly or reversing direction of acceleration switch.
  • Battery management system (BMS) can

cut-off circuit automatically in short circuit, overload, overcurrent.

  • Tandem load wheels and reinforced forks design to ensure that no deformation with heavy duty, More reliable operation.
  • Castor wheel system provides more stability when cornering and avoids scraping

The truck has been specially designed for light applications. Standard 48V system and maintenance-free Li-ion battery, allowing for opportunity charger and loner working time. Fast better change solution to meet the best efficiency needs of different customers.

The truck features an effective parking brake to hold the truck safely on slopes or on lorry tail lifts. Battery discharge protection with automatic lift cut-off function when low battery for higher lifetime. A long, low mounted tiller arm and belly switch places the operator at a safe working distance from the truck.

The curtis controller and CAN-Bus technology can improve reliability, simplify operation and maintenance. All the performance parameters can be configured easily to match the requirements of the customer's application.

Robust metal cover protects the drive system, also provides safety protection on feet. The chassis has a reinforced fork structure for reliability. The use of polyurethane drive and load wheels ensures impressively quiet operation on different application.

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