• 1.3- 2.0 tonnes capacity
  • Pantograph
  • Ideal for Storage

At Linde, we understand narrow aisle applications. The result, over 70 years of designing and manufacturing the most reliable forklift trucks in the industry. At any location across the globe, you will see a Linde forklift operating in any environment. Extensive testing and design result in the most efficient electric trucks in the market. Cutting-edge technology leads to a competitive edge. Linde warehouse products are recognized as the highest potential cost of operation gains in the industry.

  • 6.6kw AC powerful drive motor, 15.4kw AC lifting motor
  • No roll back when starting on ramp
  • Automatic parking braking
  • Lifting speed, acceleration speed adjustable
  • Auto checking, truck can only operate only if all components are working
  • Convenient maintenance, can be connected to the Linde service tools
  • Comfortable, precise multifunction control handle design combined with the advanced controllers achieve simultaneous control of travel and hydraulic functions and fully proportional
  • Unique design, shape and angle reduces hand movement
  • Electric-steering design with directional display
  • Both steering and armrest can be adjusted per driver body size
  • Wide-field-of-mast view and excellent cylinder & pipe layout design provide a good fork side view
  • Mesh or polycarbonate protection between operator and mast
  • Multiple safety pedal switch prevent misoperation
  • Safety pedal interlock on chassis skirt side prevents operator foot from stepping out
  • All internal components are reasonably arranged
  • All internal components can be reached after opening the side motor door
  • Canbus communication reduces wiring and electrical connections

Controlled acceleration, smooth maneuvering and responsive braking are all active functions for travel including cushioned hydraulic functions. Variable steering resistance gives the reassuring feeling of maintaining perfect control of the truck while the truck status is continuously monitored on an informative display. At a glance, the operator can check steering angle, battery state, operating hours, motor temperature or servicing due.

Pin access code control sets the performance parameters appropriate to each individual operator as standard. The ability to drive the truck in any direction enables long or wide loads to be moved in the safest manner. Assured stopping power is provided by the electromagnetic disc brake on the drive wheel and hydraulic brakes on the twin mounted load wheels on the right hand reach leg.

Tailored to the operator, the Linde Ergo-concept ensures the operator has enough room to comfortably move within the operator compartment. Not being locked in a position, the operator can move and still be within the frame of the truck thereby reducing fatigue and improving productivity. Visibility in all load handling functions is enhanced with a clear view overhead guard, not obstructed by a metal structure. The result, the operator does not have to lean outside the frame of the truck to see loads and extended lift heights.

The service compartment allows full access to the main components. A 2-piece cover provides noise reduction and full access to key components. On-board diagnostics allows Linde technicians to quickly and effectively check and address truck systems. CAN bus electronics integrate truck systems with reduced wiring and electrical connections for better reliability with less componentry to maintain. Easy access with minimal moving parts improves your cost of operation over the life of the truck.

Before you take delivery of a new Linde truck, it has been through a series of product- proving tests through various applications to assure you of its dependability. Linde‘s AC and controllers run cooler, double-sealed electrical components, CAN bus communications result in very little moving parts. Confidence in the quality of the Reach Truck also allows us to offer a standard 3-year or 6000-hour warranty.

Whether you’re looking for a brand new forklift, a certified pre-owned used forklift or short-term and long-term forklift hire, Linde Material Handling Singapore has everything you need – all under the one roof.


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