• 1.4 – 1.8 tonnes capacity
  • Stand On
  • Ideal for Stacking

Superb working environment

  • SP concept with excellent view of environment when driving in either travelling directions
  • The driver’s body is fully protected within the truck contours
  • Padded waist, neck/head and arm supports


  • Chassis designed and built for maximum strength and durability
  • The truck has passed stringent CE certification tests
  • Durable materials and components provide low centre of gravity for excellent stability and high residual capacities


Contoured chassis and smooth, electric steering ensure effortless and highly efficient manoeuvrability

Braking systems

  • Automatic regenerative braking when accelerator lever is released Automatic hold-on brake
  • Parking brake activated by pressing button on the panel
  • Emergency brake activated by releasing foot switch interlock
  • Emergency isolator


  • Clearview fixed mast
  • Tilting fork carriage for optimum stability


  • Assured manoeuvring with Linde Digital Control system (LDC)
  • Precise load handling with Linde Load Control (LLC)
  • Responsive progressive and adjustable electric steering (LRS)
  • Digital instrument display for instant readout of truck status
  • Excellent visibility of load and surrounding environment


  • Large capacity battery
  • Rapid and easy battery change for multi-shift applications


  • Maintenance-free AC motors Configurable Linde Digital Control System Integral diagnostic technology
  • Easy service access
  • 1,000 operating hours between services

Impressive traction and hydraulic performance is granted by advanced, AC maintenance-free motors. Linde Rheological Steering (LRS) provides variable steering torque for efficient, effortless manoeuvring and Linde Load Control (LLC), enables simultaneous lift and travel.

The superbly ergonomic 45° driving position (SP concept) enables the operator to travel in either direction without strain. Full protection is provided by the contoured chassis. Traction and hydraulic functions are automatically isolated when operator steps off. Excellent visibility is achieved with the clearview mast and overhead guard supports behind the operator which gives additional unique driver protection. Automatic speed reduction with Linde Curve Drive Control occurs when cornering.

A perfect, intuitive interface between operator and truck is ensured with the ergonomic 45° driving posture, padded back and neck support, a spacious, cushioned compartment and finger-tip controls. A comprehensive instrument display, A4 paper clip and bottle holder are also standard.

The unique Linde energy management system ensures intelligent and economical consumption of energy in keeping with Linde forklifts’ reputation as effective in operation and efficient in reducing costs. A display showing the remaining driving time indicates the expected number of minutes the operator can be driving the forklift truck before changing or recharging the battery.

Efficiency at work, efficiency in servicing. Maintenance-free AC motors and high quality components enable 1000 hours operation between service intervals. Integral diagnostics provide rapid diagnosis for maximum up-time and adjustable performance parameters offer maximum versatility.

Whether you’re looking for a brand new forklift, a certified pre-owned used forklift or short-term and long-term forklift hire, Linde Material Handling Singapore has everything you need – all under the one roof.


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