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C Matic

  • 600kg - 1.0 tonne
  • Turtle Mover

K Matic

  • 1.0 – 1.5 tonnes
  • VNA

L Matic AC

  • 1.2 – 1.6 tonnes
  • Pallet Stacker

R Matic

  • 1.6 tonnes
  • Reach Truck

L Matic

  • 1.2 – 2.0 tonnes
  • Pallet Stacker

T Matic

  • 3.0 tonnes
  • Pallet Truck

P Matic

  • 5.0 tonnes
  • Tow Tracker

In a world where production and speed go hand in hand, the traditional way of running production lines or warehouses is not enough. If you want to step into the future and increase your productivity, a picking robot is one of the best options available.

What Is a Picking Robot?

Goods to person robots are robotic picking systems that aids in order fulfillment. It works with mobile robots combined with order management software. The two systems combined can automate all or part of the picking process.

These robots do not take over the job of your employees, but works alongside them to make the entire process go more smoothly. One way that it works best is to program it to handle routine or mundane tasks that can slow down your other employees.

Benefits of Goods to Person Robot

Choosing to automate some of the most routine parts of your warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility will provide you with many benefits. Some of the major benefits are going to include:

Increase Order Accuracy

How often have you had to deal with customer complaints because of inaccurate orders? This is often due to human error or oversights. Such errors cost time and effort, but more than that, it can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Increase Facility Efficiency

Speed matters in today’s world when customers want their order delivered in hours, not days. A lot of this depends on your ability to run a facility with higher efficiency. You don’t want lines to go down or products to be misplaced. You need to know that everything will go smoothly from the time you start production until the doors close at the end of all shifts.

Reduce Labor Costs

When you have a picking robot, they work with your team to increase productivity. The benefit is that it also lowers the labor cost by allowing your workforce to focus on the tasks that matter. These mobile robots can walk up and down the aisles while your team is ensuring everything runs smoothly. The robot can unload a truck and put items on a platform repetitively while your workers get more done in other areas of the warehouse. The increase in productivity can lower the overall cost of your business.

Lower the Risk of Accidents

Whereas a person is limited by their ability to lift more than 50-100 pounds, the limit for a goods-to-person robot is tons. This alone can lower your risk of on-the-job accidents because of your employees pushing themselves to lift more than they can safely.

Some of these robots can also reach higher areas of your storage facility, which can eliminate the risk of falls for your workforce. They will no longer need ladders and scaffolds to help them reach those shelves that are beyond their reach.

How GTP Robots Work

In most warehouses and manufacturing facilities with a traditional setup, inventory is received at specific areas where your employees scan bar codes and transfer items. From there, it must be sent to other locations in the warehouse for storage or shipping out.

The process is repetitive and time consuming.

With picking robots when inventory arrives, it is scanned and placed on belts automatically. As bins are emptied, they are returned through the robotic systems. When orders need to be gathered, or when they are complete, the robot can route packages to a packing area where they can be boxed and shipped.

If you are looking to speed up the process within your warehouse, speak to us to find out which robotic solution is best for your needs.

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